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Common Seals

A common seal is used primarily by companies, associations and strata plans to execute documents in accordance with its constitution. The common seals are available in your choice of Conventional, Folding and Self-Inking models.

The Conventional model is the most popular because it is an economical choice and common seals are normally seldom used. The Folding model is a popular space saver because it can be folded flat and filed away when not in use. The Self-Inking Model is a convenient choice because it does not require a separate ink pad, but it is the most expensive.

All of our common seal stamps are based on pre-set templates to make it easy for you to order. Simply supply your details and we will do the rest. Because these stamps are based on pre-set templates, we have kept the price to a minimum. If you prefer a different style, size or layout for your stamp, you will need to order from the regular Custom Made section, but this might cost a little more.

To order, choose the model from the options below then follow the instructions on the product page.